Training / Quality Assurance


All-Calls™ trains all agents to be nice. It’s our motto and we live by it. Our agents receive standard training on customer service soft skills, controlling the call, customer satisfaction techniques and, as appropriate, sales, upselling and cross selling.

All-Calls™ follows a train the trainer methodology, and integrates the clients training processes into our own training. Our clients can participate in training or leave everything to us.

All-Calls™ utilizes the industry leading training platform and learning management system. Our LMS training platform allows agents to participate in refresher training – on demand. When changes to a program are initiated, our call center agents receive a push out of the training module with a deadline. Most training modules include a test at the end to confirm absorption of the materials.


Quality Assurance

Our systems allow for quality assurance and supervisory staff to monitor the agents in real time, whisper to the agent during a call and barge in as needed. All agents start in a nesting environment with additional quality review and training/supervisor support to get them up to speed as quickly as possible.

After the nesting period, all agents are monitored at least two times per week to ensure our strict quality standards are met and our customers’ expectations are exceeded.

When our agents are caught being extra nice on a QA call, they are eligible for company awards.